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A Garden Stroll Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy A Night Out Of Town And The Comforts Of Home

Discover the beauty of A Garden Stroll Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy spacious rooms with golden oak furnishings. Explore treasures along our garden path, such as waterfalls, a gazebo, corlourful perenial flowers,...

Tranquil Days Guest House

Tranquil Days Await You

A stunning century home on the north side of the river, our house is a premium adult oriented bed and breakfast, located a short walking distance to award winning theatres, dining,...

Perth County Inn Stratford

Where Comfort Meets Countryside Charm

Perth County Inn is Stratford's boutique hotel boasting four rooms on the main floor overlooking the river, one room facing the Courthouse and two full suites on the second level. The Celebrations...

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Welcome to Discover Stratford

Welcome to the enchanting world of Stratford, Ontario, where culture, beauty, and history intertwine to create a truly magical experience. Step into the Shakespearean Gardens, nestled along the serene Avon River, and lose yourself in the beauty of themed gardens adorned with flowers mentioned in Shakespeare's timeless tales—a tranquil sanctuary perfect for leisurely strolls and whimsical events.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our past at the Stratford Perth Museum, where stories that shaped our community, from the arts and culture to the lives of notable figures, await discovery. Let the Avon Theatre transport you to another era with its historic charm and captivating performances, hosting beyond the renowned Stratford Festival, a myriad of events promising delight and inspiration. Indulge your senses at Gallery Stratford, where local and regional artists showcase their talent in captivating exhibitions, and escape to the serenity of Tom Patterson Island, a verdant oasis offering breathtaking views of our picturesque city and the tranquil Avon River—a hidden gem sure to leave you enchanted.

Finally, wander through the heart of our city, the Stratford City Centre, marveling at Victorian architecture, perusing charming boutiques, and savoring the flavors of our diverse culinary scene, where every step uncovers treasures waiting to be discovered. Come, explore the wonders of Stratford, where every moment is infused with magic and memories are made to last a lifetime.